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 Hey there!

Remember I was going on about feeling fat and bloaty and all? What felt the worst was this: not being able to fit into my jeans.


bottom slim bad reviews
I tell you, that was the most depressing thing in my life in recent years. (That actually meant that my life has been pretty lovely so far, which I'm grateful for. But still, it DOES NOT trivialize my not being able to fit into my jeans!)

And no, I'm not trying to sound bimbotic.

I used to be a fat kid. Being made fun of and called ah bui was not fun. Then I lost weight in Sec 3/4, and I gained it all over again during my Project Superstar days in 2005.
 Then I lost weight from my Project Superstar chubby days to get this not-very-thin-but-still-not-too-bad-onscreeen figure. Just so people can't insult my fat-ness. And now, months after this photo was taken, I was hopping to get my legs INTO the legs of those jeans. ><


I hate this ding dong.
But I admit I have a part to play for this.

1. I haven't been exercising. No dance. No jog. Not even spa-ing everyday. Just been sitting around a lot. Fat die orbigood right?

2. I have been eating like nobody's business. I don't know what got over me, but like I wrote a few posts back, I was on a carb addiction and was craving rice noodles bread biscuits and munching every hour. Sure fat. Like I didn't know when I was doing it right? I don't know what got over me la. Sigh.

Hey, to be fair, a lot of us girls are like that right? *self-console*

Erm, right...?

I kind of regretted not going back to my exercise routine. But oh well, if there is a better way, I'm going to try it. I want toned and slender legs and firm inner thighs and a perky butt. Jogging and dance classes makes my calves and thighs toned, but they get stay chunky. You agree with this right? #woesofawomantryingtoloseweight

It really wasn't (just) about looking good in nice clothes. I was starting to find once-familiar feelings of lowered self esteem and heightened self-consciousness creeping up on me. You know what they say about women having a lot of clothes but always saying they have nothing to wear? That's me. And it's because those clothes don't flatter me anymore. I looked like a bazhang in too many of them now. =..(

So I consulted BottomSlim for help. I'm sure many of you have heard of them. If BottomSlim is the specialist and pioneer on lower body slimming, who else should I go to but them right? I have seen their ads on countless publications, and I finally plucked up enough courage to visit them and let them manhandle my thighs and ass.

 So How Did the Treatment Go?

My measurements were taken, and I was prescribed Ionto to firm up my slight butterfly arms (yes they do arms too!) and 2 treatments, RF as well as 50K Cavitation for my thighs as they were my main problem area due to cellulite and just being we...erm..thick. Cellulite is when your skin has an excess of dimples when you stress the muscles. Like I see them when I squeeze my buttcheeks in. Lol. I only want dimples on my face....

For some people, cellulite is even apparent at rest. And that's what makes wearing shorts very ugly.

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